Ilse WERTHER, FOUNDER of Lets Get Reading LLC

Conquering dyslexia, one kid at a time.


Ilse Werther is a dyslexic treatment and reading disorder specialist trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Her Manhattan-based private practice, Let’s Get Reading LLC is focused on elementary school aged children who are struggling with fundamental reading and writing skills.

Informed by her Orton-Gillingham training, Ilse’s approach to her practice is multi-sensory, highly prescriptive and bespoke to each student.

Her personal experience raising two children (with language disorders), combined with extensive behavioral management undergraduate studies, enables Ilse to skillfully navigate a range of behavioral challenges in successfully teaching her students -- including ADHD, ADD, generalized anxiety and related emotional conditions.

Ilse’s initial interest in her practice was sparked by the diagnosis of her youngest daughter more than a decade ago. As a parent, she quickly discovered the complexities of recognizing, diagnosing, advocating, supporting and successfully treating children with this learning difference. This experience led Ilse to pursue a degree in elementary education with a specific focus on teaching children with dyslexia. Her prior experience in the fashion industry -- first as a international fashion model represented by Wilhelmina, Click and Next and others in the US and throughout Europe and Asia in the 1990s, and then as SVP of Merchandising at an upscale, contemporary fashion boutique with multiple locations -- provided Ilse with a deep multicultural perspective and strong work ethic, both of which have played critical roles in the creation and growth of her dyslexia treatment and reading disorder practice.


Simone Lemoniere
Executive Director, Mentor