I Am So De/light/ed!

When you see the work of direct Multi-Sensory Instruction come to life, it is truly remarkable. One of the students that I have been working with, let's call her Lucy, has made great strides in her reading since I started working with her in September.  She has quite severe dyslexia, but otherwise an extraordinarily bright, hardworking, and sweet child. 

When we first started, Lucy could not with any fluency, read simple one syllable words, such as big, ship, bath, etc. Yet through a systematic multi-sensory remediation, she now can decode with accuracy multi-syllable words including sophisticated words with prefixes and suffixes. 

So this is how it works... In order to get to this point, we needed to literally build Lucy's foundation from the ground up.  She learned the different sounds of the vowels, the syllable patterns, the rules for spelling, one by one by one. 

But what happened last week, is that it all came together in the most brilliant way.  We were both elated and ecstatic that she was able to read DELIGHTED! 

  • She knew that igh said long /i/.

  • She knew that de- is a open syllable prefix.

  • She knew that -ed is a suffix that says /ed/ after the letter t.

These things that she knew, I taught her directly and individually over the course of multiple lessons. This is how it works.  The children become experts understanding  the code of the English Language. Fantastic! I am absolutely delighted!