True Colors

This has been an interesting year of trials and tribulations.  We have had many changes in our lives for good and for bad. Looking ahead, I see a bright future for my family.  New exciting things yet to come.  What has been most difficult as well as most rewarding are the true colors that have appeared exuding from the people around me. 

I am very grateful for the individuals that have stuck by our family and other close friends, who have been faced with difficult times this year.  Those who support each other and yearn to be positive shine bright and always will.  Those who choose anger, pride, and resentment, will unfortunately be buried in dark gray clouds that will hinder their true colors to ever come out.  I hope they see the importance of love and charity one day. 

I am blessed with working with my students on an individual basis. Most of them have felt some form of frustration and failure due to their learning differences. What is most exciting is that when they see the opportunity for success while working with me, they light up.  Their true bright and beautiful colors shine through. I must say that I too light up and am left with a rainbow of elation when I see progress and success. It feels better than any strawberry ice cream cone or pair of fancy bright blue shoes that I could ever buy. Someone else's success gives me joy!  Now isn't that a bright idea?

I try to instill in my girls to enjoy life, be kind to others, look after your friends and family, and attempt to see the true colors in everyone. They are there if you look hard enough.