Running Through Open Doors..

My friend always says that if a door is open, go through it.  This can be a very scary concept. What if the door leads to something REALLY BAD or DANGEROUS?  But what if it leads to some amazing opportunity? A wonderful experience? There is really no way of knowing unless you just take those steps forward through the open door. 

I have been working on opening my own doors lately.  I am making connections, seeking opportunities, moving forward in my own career.  It is very scary and daunting, but sooo exciting! My two girls are watching me, and hopefully learning from my passion and enthusiasm.  Teaching children how to read is an incredibly rewarding experience, because you see a child opening their eyes to success and feeling confident enough to walk through their own doors.  As they succeed, I become more confident as well.  Success breeds success. Its a wonderful cycle. 

After this crazy week of elections has passed, it becomes more and more apparent that it is up to hard working, passionate, and educated individuals to lead us forward. We cannot allow narrow minds to hold us back. So if you are feeling disenchanted, my suggestion is to see what doors are possibly open for you, and run through them FULL SPEED!