Working it out!

Recently I have determined what my next career path would be.  I am pursuing a career as a reading specialist trained in the method of Orton-Gillingham. I have mentioned this before.  Imagine you wanted to be a dentist, but could not find a dental school anywhere near you, nor could you contact anyone in the dental community.  That is what it has been like for me trying to get certified in OG.  There is no academy in New York City.  The training classes are few and far between, and there are only a small handful of fellows that can actually train and certify.  The most effective method of helping children overcome dyslexia is the hardest method to learn!

But I worked it out!!!

From the Beatles album Day Tripper

From the Beatles album Day Tripper

I decided to make cold  calls, ask for  meetings, beg and plead, finagle my way in.  I realized that no one was going to get me where I wanted to be, but me. It paid off!  I was invited to spend a week at the Stephen Gaynor School, where I was able to be trained amongst the teachers at Gaynor by the best OG Fellow.  Basically, the best week of my life.  

I came home one night crying with tears of happiness.  I asked the question to my husband, "Why did I get so lucky?" He said that luck had nothing to do with it.  He said you made it happen. I had a plan, and I was going to work it out. 

This led to a good discussion with my kids about being responsible for your own destiny.  If they have goals, they can work out the details and make it happen.  I knew that step one was to find the right person to train me.  There was no step two with out the first step.  Making a list of steps is incredibly helpful. It makes tasks and goals seems less overwhelming.  Step two was for the OG trainer to take me under her wing and be willing to continue my certification.  Working very hard and showing that I meant business during the class, was how it was going to happen. The trainer saw my passion and agreed to help me finish my certification. Step three, work my butt off and get certified!   I keep humming to myself now.."Try to see it my way..."