Da da da da da da dun dun....Under Pressure

Everyone has times in their lives when they are under a great deal of pressure.  In my life it seems to come in waves.  Recently I have felt a great deal of stress and pressure.  Deep down, I know that I will make it through, but when I am in the moment, I feel the burden, and it becomes overwhelming. Because, we all have instances of stress, it is not the issue that matters, but  how we handle the stress and pressure that ultimately counts. 

David Bowie and Queen

David Bowie and Queen

A few months ago, I was extremely stressed about issues relating to economics. Due to hard work, cleverness, and a little luck, thankfully we have been able to handle most economic setbacks. I admit, that I am very challenged when it comes to handling economic issues and financial strains in any capacity. Give me an educational challenge, and I face it head on. Financial, and I am a puddle.  I got myself so worked up about a financial concern, that I actually became dizzy and found myself on the floor of my bedroom. Now, I was quickly assured by my more stable half that we were just fine financially and that there was no reason whatsoever to worry about.  But what got me so worked up?  Why do I feel so much pressure and anxiety regarding anything to do with money? 

There are certain things that get us so flustered, that it eats away at us.  It could be financial reasons, romantic, school, media, anything... For each of us, it can be a personal torture. 

One way to help with stress and anxiety is a therapeutic method called Cognitive Behavioral therapy.  I learned about this in my Science of Happiness Class at NYU.  It is a wonderful approach to therapy, that gives you skills in order to better deal with anxiety. 

Kids now a days are under tremendous pressure. If and when  a child feels as though they can't handle situations, going to see a CBT is a great way to help them build confidence to face whatever challenge is thrown their way. 

I have learned to ask myself "What if" questions when I am feeling very stressed to help me get through the moment.  

Question: The paper that is coming up is really hard, and I am not sure I will do well!!!

Answer: Well, if you don't do well, then your grade may not be an A

Question: What if I don't get an A!!

Answer: Well then, I will get a B+ for my final grade, which will be OK.  I won't die, and my life will still go on. A B+ is actually still a great grade at NYU. 

Going through a Q&A seems to calm me down from my pressure peaks. That is one strategy I've learned.  I still have a great deal of work to do on this matter.  By I will try not to stress about that too...