Help! I Need Somebody...But Not Just Anybody...

I am unbelievably excited to be starting my certification in the fall as an Orton-Gillingham educational therapist.  I will be trained to work with children with reading disorders, most specifically with dyslexic children.  

I recently went to a seminar, where the speaker explained in the most simplest terms, how to understand dyslexia.  Imagine a woman's handbag with lots of pockets and compartments.  The handbag is organized in such a way that you can find your keys, your lipstick, your cell phone, with little effort.  This is a normal functioning reader.  Their brain is organized so that they can retrieve parts of language in a simple and quick manner.  

From Sex and the City.  Most people with dyslexia don't have organized mental  "handbags." 

From Sex and the City.  Most people with dyslexia don't have organized mental  "handbags." 

For example, In order to spell thunder, a normal reader can quickly utilize "th" and  "er" and form the word, or read the word. 

Someone with dyslexia has all of the same information and resources, just without the pockets. The ideas are not organized in order to retrieve them efficiently or quickly.  It is very difficult, takes tremendous effort, and is confusing. 

Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach that helps build the organization in the brain in order to retrieve the tools to read and write efficiently and quickly. It is one of the most proven methods of treating people with dyslexia. 

Things to remember about dyslexia....

  1. It is not about reading backwards.  That is not true at all.
  2. People with dyslexia have high intelligence, but are made to feel stupid. 
  3. With the right training, a dyslexic can be a highly successful reader, and accomplish anything they want to do. 

In my opinion a person with dyslexia does not have a disability at all. The disability lies in the educator, if an educator is not equipped to work with a dyslexic child.  So when looking to help your child, who has a reading disability, it is critical that they work with not just anyone.  It needs to be someone, who is trained in Orton-Gillingham for example. 

My daughter by the way has had great success with this method.  She also keeps asking for very fancy handbags.  Coincidence? I don't think so....