I Really Like this Song...

It's amazing how a song can touch your soul.  I am funny with music, because I love to listen to music that really touches me, and I get completely annoyed with music that doesn't.   I don't have a genre necessarily or even a favorite band.  If it moves me, I like it. I am the same with people.  I have no particular preferred choice.  My friends can be very different. I can relate to many different types of personalities. Even if they bug the heck out of me, I can handle them (well for the most part).   I have a strong social intelligence in that respect. 

Strong social intelligence means the ability to navigate various and complex social surroundings effectively. I have been trying to relay to my girls that in order to be successful in anything you want to do, you need to learn to navigate different personalities that you come into contact with. Each teacher they have is going to have different expectations.  Their friends may like or want to do different things. You have to learn to ebb and flow. 

It is so important to recognize and appreciate others for their differences.  The number one rule to remember, is that you will NEVER change someone.  So take them or leave them, love them, or learn to deal with them. 

  1. Respect varying opinions. It is hard to believe, but you are not always right.
  2. Listen to what others have to say even if you don't want to or don't agree with them. It's hard, but you can do it. 
  3. Don't put words in their mouth, or try to be a mind reader.  How about asking someone how they feel instead?
  4. If a fight starts, and things get ugly, take a TIME OUT.  Give yourselves time to regroup.  It's a great tactic to keep a relationship strong.
  5. Embrace differences.  You never know, you might learn something.

In school, in work, with your parents, or in life, fostering the character strength of social intelligence will get you far.