I don't know...what do YOU want to do?

As a mom and a wife, I pretty much get the last say in what I want to do.  The priorities and wants of my family generally come first.  Moreover, each family member is so different, they all have different desires and requirements.  So I am usually inquiring as to what they each want to do...

From the movie Vacation. Sometimes we can't force a family trip.  It's ok to do separate things. 

From the movie Vacation. Sometimes we can't force a family trip.  It's ok to do separate things. 

This past Spring Break was interesting for our family.  We went our separate ways.  I don't necessarily condone spending vacation time alone, but if you understand my family, you will understand that it was necessary.

What is very special about my kids is that they are incredibly unique individuals.  They really appreciate and enjoy different things.  They are of  course both amazing and perfect in every way (says their mom), but I don't ever need to compare them. One loves the sun, one hates the sun.  One loves shopping, one hates shopping.  And it goes on and on..

It is so crucial to respect and consider each person who you love's different personalities. Even if we try, we could never change them.  So instead embrace their differences. 

I learned recently in school about different types of personality traits that really resonated with my family.

There is the introverted person and the extroverted person. 

Knowing whether someone you love is an introvert or an extrovert will help you to foster a better relationship with them. One of my kids enjoys quiet time with their friends, and one enjoys a loud music concert and roller coasters.  Both are great and are totally respectable. Let them have their differences. As long as they are happy.  Fortunately, my personality is somewhere in the middle. I enjoy a music concert with my close friends, then cut out early and go to bed.  No roller coasters. It's all good.