Love to Love

Valentine's Day is approaching, which makes those of us who have loved ones feel grateful for our relationships, and those who don't miserable.  I remember Valentine's Day when I was single, and how I always felt so depressed.  I wish that I had some tools to help me feel grateful for the things that I did have.  I actually had a lot.

For my Science of Happiness Class at NYU, we are asked to keep track of 3 Good Things that happen to us every day. In the month of February in this cold frozen tundra, it is very easy to drown yourself in melancholy.  But this task that I am taking on in school forces me to acknowledge 3 good things that I experienced each day (A Primer in Positive Psychology).  And keep in mind, this is when you sweat the small stuff.  I acknowledged yesterday, a day in which I attended a funeral for a dear friends' mother, a day that was overall sad, the following things.

  1. I am very grateful for my parents and I was able to really think about how much I loved them through the speech of my friend.
  2. I got to spend most of the day sitting shiva with dear friends and my girls, talking and laughing, which always makes me happy.
  3. We hosted the shiva at our house, which made me feel grateful for having a home that could fit everyone and help our friend through his time of grief.

So overall, I can look at this mournful day as a positive one.  It is not that we shouldn't be sad about things that are sad.  But we can find happiness in any day.  Kind of amazing, right?  So I am going to keep on keeping on with the 3 Good Things experiment for a while.  At least until it gets a little warmer outside...