I cannot believe that I finished my last final exam at NYU today.  The final final! I am feeling elated, excited, and a little sad.  I really loved being back in school.  There is a sense of security being in school, that I really did not understand before. Now that's over...

From Dora the Explorer

From Dora the Explorer

The syllabus is really a life line of what needs to be done.  The teacher writes and presents the syllabus at the beginning of the class. If you get everything done that is written in the syllabus, you will do well.  If you don't. You won't.  It's pretty simple really. It is all mapped out for you in easy step-by step instructions.  

Now I have to create my own syllabus for the next semester of life. Oy, that sounds so dramatic! 

It is quite daunting to think about what to do next, and how to accomplish it.  But I am going to work on steps and try to tick them off one by one.  

Step one: Graduate from NYU and get a bachelors degree. CHECK! Piece of cake...

Step two:  Get certified in Orton-Gillingham. Working on it!

Step three: Graduate School? Move to Italy? Who knows...

One step at a time.  For now...GO ME!  I'm done with College!