Ilse was a devastated and panicked mom, when her daughter was first diagnosed with dyslexia. She discovered through much trial and tribulation, what it takes to teach a child with a learning difference. Ilse found for her daughter, with much effort, a structured, multi-sensory remediation program, which enabled her to evolve into a highly successful student.  Because of her daughter, Ilse was inspired to change her career path in order to help other children with dyslexia reach their potential.

Ilse Werther is a Structured Literacy Teacher certified by the International Dyslexia Association, who specializes in an Orton-Gillingham  Multi-Sensory Approach to instruction. Ilse received her degree with honors from New York University in the Steinhardt School of Education concentrating on elementary education as well as child and adolescent mental health studies. She currently has a private practice, servicing students in Manhattan,  Brooklyn, The Hamptons, and believe it or not even via Skype or Facetime when she can't get to a student in person!

As Ilse believes  it is most beneficial to understand and utilize different approaches to the OG method, she has completed courses through various highly acclaimed institutions for her Multi-Sensory Orton-Gillingham Training including; The Windward School, The Stephen Gaynor School Institute For Educators, and  The Orton-Gillingham Online Academy  

Ilse has formed Let’s Get Reading, a tutoring service focusing on remediation for children with Language Based Learning Differences such as dyslexia. Ilse is driven by the never-ending demand from parents for the highest quality, individualized, multi-sensory remediation for their children. 


For information and to schedule your child's tutoring sessions please email